Murder Mystery Breaks

Following the great success of these events in 2016, we have expanded the dates and parks on offer for 2017 Combe Martin Beach Holiday Park 31st March - 3rd April 2017 Killigarth Manor Holiday Park 12th- 15th May 2017 Tolroy Manor Holiday Park 29th Sept - 2 October 2017

We will host 3 murder mysteries throughout the year in our grand manor houses in association with The Moonstone Theatre Company. The weekend is fully themed and scripted and run by professional actors.  There are 3 mysteries to solve: 2 take place on Friday and Saturday night and last about 3 hours each plus there is a more activities on Saturday afternoon. All guests will receive a ticket to a free buffet for the Friday and Saturday evenings.

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Killigarth Manor starts in 1935 again with Death at the Dovecote. When a Professor leading a guided tour is found dead in the grounds of a stately Manor, his fellow historians must come together to try and find out what happened. Before long there are some shocking revealations and another death. Can you work with Inspector Appleby the piece together the evidence before the night is over?

On Saturday evening, its over to the bright lights and glamour of the file capital of the world for Murder in Hollywood. Meet the cast of a brand new film attending a star studded party on a yacht held in their honour. The evening starts well enough but soon arguments start to develop, one of the cast is found dead and some valuable diamonds go missing. Was the theft the motive or merely a smoke screen for something more sinister? It's up to you to find out!





Tolroy Manor hosts a creepy mystery on Friday. There's no such thing as ghosts are there? Yet when a family inherit on old doll from a distant relative, strange things start to happen in their household. To start with it's nothing serious but then a member of family is found dead in a locked room with dolly. Is there a malevolent spirit trapped inside the doll or is some other evil at work? Join with Inspector Appleby to solve the mystery.

The Saturday mystery follows the cast of a new theatre production of Alice in Wonderland. After a hard day in dress rehearsal, the cast go out for a well earned drink. Still in costume, it's all set to be a fun night. That is until a detective arrives to tell them that the Knave of Hearts has been found dead in the theatre. The atmosphere changes as the investigation gets underway and the bonhomie of the cast is revealed as a facade. It's over to you to identify the guilty suspect.