Murder Mystery Weekend Sandaway

Murder Mystery Weekend at Sandaway Beach Holiday Park 22nd-25th March

Due to huge popularity and demand we have moved our Murder Mystery Weekend to a larger venue for 2019! Still located in the seaside town of Combe Martin, this park is just up the hill from the other site.

Sandaway Beach Holiday Park - 22nd - 25th March 

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Hosted all weekend by The Moonstone Theatre Company, there will be a series of mysteries for you to solve over the course of the weekend.

Your weekend break will include self catering accommodation in a lodge, caravan or chalet

Friday's Entertainment Line Up

Start your evening off with Bingo and Murder Mystery Quiz hosted by your resident entertainment team this will be followed by deadly bingo with some killer prizes. Be sure to get in early to get your seat.

7pm Death in the Caves

Old Sir Charles Hayman, a collector of fine Pop Art paintings from the 1960’s, had two sons, David and Ernest. David was married to Christine, a marine biologist. One night, Sir Charles, who suffered from a heart condition, had died of a heart attack. David, Christine and a family friend, GP Dr Richard Armstrong, had been caving and did not get the news until the next day. The shock was too much for David who also collapsed and died. There were considered to be no suspicious circumstances around the death of Sir Charles or David at the time.

Fast forward 10 years when Ernest has been invited to attend a dinner in his honour to which Christine and Richard are also invited along with other guests from the field of palaeontology. During the dinner tensions mount as unsavoury secrets are revealed and there is sudden death, this time the circumstances are definitely suspicious. All the clues will be there to lead to the correct conclusion but can you solve the murder before someone else meets a sticky end?

There will be a buffet during the performance and the evening will be rounded off with a performance by Miss Sixties live act.


Saturday's Entertainment Line Up

During the day time join Inspector Freddy and go on a A to Z hunt to find out some interesting artefacts around the park, followed by a Crime Scene Mystery for you to peruse at your leisure. Examine the clues and find the evidence before submitting your theory on whodunnit. The person who comes up with the most complete solution will win a Special Inspector Prize to be presented on Saturday evening.

Your evening's entertainment begins at 6.30pm with heart stopping bingo. This evening is fully themed as a 1930s evening so why not get dressed up and join in the fun? There will be a prize for best dressed male and female.

7pm Death of a Suffragette

In November 1935 a young Historian is working on a new book about the Women’s Suffrage movement in the run up to the Great War. He chances upon the details of a tragic accident that happened on August 15th, 1913 when a supposed protesting Suffragette fell off a platform at Paddington Station and was hit and tragically killed by the Royal Train as it was returning from a trip to the Westcountry.

Looking into the background of the deceased he is far from happy with what he finds and so he decides to call together all those who were involved with the victim to see if he can unravel what he considers quite possibly to have been a murder. The truth will be revealed before the evening's out.


There will be an interval during the performance when a buffet will be served.

After the mystery has been solved at 10pm, there will be a cabaret performance by:

Zack Black Magic & Mind Reading

Sit back and wonder at the marvel of Zack Black who will take you on a magical mystery tour sure to baffle and amaze.


Sunday's Entertainment Line Up

Sunday join Inspector Freddy to make some invisible ink messages to make your own secret messages.

Followed by Killer Pool Competition at 12pm. Murder mystery classic shown on the big screen.

The evenings starts at 6pm with bingo sales and a deadly picture quiz then eyes down at 6.30pm.

After Bingo there will be the "Open The Box" Gameshow where you can win some amazing prizes. After Gameshow we will have a performance by our amazing vocalist "Phoebe B" followed by some killer karaoke and our late night disco.