Returning to St Ives Holiday Village is our very own Bavarian Oktoberfest 4th-7th October

Returning to St Ives Holiday Village by popular demand is our very own Bavarian Oktoberfest weekend

St Ives Holiday Village 4th -7th October

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Friday 4th October 

Bicycle Repairman

Bicycle Repair Man are a Devon based acoustic duo, playing covers & original material.


The Mangled Wurzels 

THE MANGLEDWURZELS are a three-piece Scrumpy & Western band from Somerset, writing and performing in the style of Adge Cutler and The Wurzels. Formed in 2005, the band have established themselves, performing across the West Country and beyond, with their highly entertaining live performances blending classic Wurzel songs with self-penned original compositions and a smattering of pop standards 'Mangled' in true Wurzels tradition!


Saturday 5th October 

The Royal T's 

The Royal T's varied set list caters for all ages and includes a mixture of 50's Rock'n'Roll up to current day hits including the likes of Elvis, Van Morrison the Beatles right through to Bruno Mars, Kings of Leon, Daft Punk and many more! You can be absolutely sure that guests of all ages will be up dancing and singing all night.

They are experienced, highly professional and experts at making your night one to remember.


The Interactive Oompah Trio 

Combining trumpets, sousaphone, and plenty of singing, swaying, clapping and thigh slapping from their enthusiastic audience, our fantastic oompah band deliver a night you’ll never forget. 

Roaming amongst the crowd, guests will delight in getting close to our live Bavarian musicians as they play. Offering a fantastic photo opportunity, our oompah band is perfect for them.


Sunday 6th October 

Baron Von Schmidt Haus

Martin Smith (Stage name 'BARON VON SCHMIDT HAUS') Is the perfect choice for your German/Bavarian themed Night. His brilliant live music along with great patter is there for the sole purpose of getting the crowd to join in. Described as a perfect 'front' man,he provides the exact balance of infectious music and personality needed to get everyone swaying in their seats - singing, thigh slapping and yodelling - it's all totally interactive, good clean fun and gets everyone involved....