Sci Con

Join us for our first Sci Con Weekend 6th-9th October at Sandaway Beach Holiday Park

Join us for our first ever Sci Con. With guest stars Dominic Glyn, Simon Fisher Becker, Colin Spaull and Matthew Dale plus a range of original props and costumes on display. They’ll be loads of daytime activities and, of course, our Saturday night CosPlay competition with fantastic prizes.

Sandaway Beach Holiday Park - 6th - 9th October 

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Clem So 

Clem So will be with us all weekend, he is a Devon based Dr Who celebrity as he has appeared in over 10 episodes of Dr Who alongside Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.

Clem So appeared in Doctor Who 'Clockwork Droid and Space Corpse.' Star Wars The Force Awakens, as a Resistance Trooper, Doctor Strange, as a Kamar-Taj Disciple, James Bond Spectre as a Spectre Crime Boss and Guardians of the Galaxy as a Kyln Prisoner.


Dominic Glynn


Top Composer who is one of the few people to arrange the theme tune to Doctor Who and composed incidental music for the series through the late 80s. One of Britain’s most prolific composers of production music, he work can also be heard in TV productions including Red Dwarf, The Simpson and Dead Like Me. Dominic will be forming part of a Q&A panel on Saturday night as well as judging the Cosplay Competition.

Simon Fisher Becker


Simon is best known for his portrayal of Intergalactic Black Marketeer, Dorium in series 6 of Doctor Who alongside Matt Smith. He also appeared as The Fat Fryer in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Simon will form part of our celebrity panels on either Saturday or Sunday.

Colin Spaull 

Colin Spaull is among a small band of actors who have appeared in the Classic and the New series of Doctor Who. He appeared in Dr Who during the Colin Baker era and the David Tennant era.



Matthew Dale


Matthew featured in Star Wars Rogue One as Jedha Priest and alongside Peter Capaldi’s Doctor as Big John in Robot of Sherwood. Matthew will be joining our other panellists for Q&A sessions.

Ross Mullan - is a Canadian-British actor and puppeteer. He is mostly known for his work portraying the White Walker on HBO's Game of Thrones in its second through fourth seasons. He has appeared in episodes of Doctor Who and in the 2010 film Clash of the Titans.


Doctor Who Lookalikes


Plus don’t miss out on your chance to get up close and personal with our Doctors. Over the weekend we will be joined by lookalikes to the Doctors of William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Colin Baker.