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Murder Mystery Weekend Tolroy

Back for the fourth year is our ever popular Murder at the Manor Weekend

Tolroy Manor Holiday Park 1st - 4th October 2021

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Hosted all weekend by The Moonstone Theatre Company, there will be a series of mysteries for you to solve over the course of the weekend.

Your weekend break will include self catering accommodation in a two, three or four bedroom holiday bungalow or holiday house. 


A Right Royal Murder 

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been having a small Garden Party with friends in the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

After the Garden Party all the guests but one return to the Palace and after a while a search is made for the missing guest. He is found dead in the gardens, apparently having been poisoned.

The police are called and they, together with MI5 begin an investigation. They appoint Miss Jane Rutherford, who has helped the security services in the past, to take the guests at the Garden Party to the public tea rooms at Buckingham Palace and to make sure that nobody, including the guests at the tea rooms, leave until the investigations are complete and full statements taken.

The Queen is happy for Miss Rutherford to conduct her own enquiries in the tea rooms and so the investigation begins.

Who could have been responsible for the death of the young student David Forbes-Hamilton and why was he killed.

All the clues will be there to point to the guilty party, but will they be correctly deduced?

Miss Rutherford, with help of Her Majesty the Queen and the other guests in the tea rooms, is determined to get to the truth before the evening is over!


The Wreck of the Moonstone 

It is 1938 and war clouds are gathering over Europe. Near a sleepy coastal village, a cargo ship sailing out of Plymouth, has been run aground on the beach. The Captain says that he believed he had been chased by a submarine, he thought possibly a U Boat, and that he had been left with no choice but to beach the ship. The cargo ship had been bound for Rotterdam, carrying motor parts for manufacturers in Holland and Belgium. It was also carrying a small contingent of passengers. This odd assortment of passengers was rescued from the ship after it ran aground and are now, temporarily, at tonight’s venue.

Of course, these are dangerous times, and rumours of spies and intrigue abound. For example, it was only a year or two before that Edward 8th had been courting Wallace Simpson on Devon’s Burgh Island and it had been rumoured that whilst there, he had been in secret talks with envoys from Berlin.

In this atmosphere of suspicion and double dealing, the passengers meet up for a dinner which they have arranged to thank their rescuers and, over the course of the evening some very unpleasant truths are revealed, and a rather nasty murder occurs. After the murder one of the passengers takes charge of the investigation until the authorities arrive.

All the clues are there to lead to the right conclusion, but will they be correctly deduced? The investigator, with the help of the other guests at the Dinner must get to the truth before the night is out!


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