10 Reasons You Should Choose UK Staycations Over Holidays Abroad

Now Christmas and New Year are out of the way you might be looking at booking a holiday to begin the countdown to summer.

Working at holiday parks in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, people brand me a little bit biased in the UK Staycation vs Holidays Abroad debate. But I'm backing myself up and giving you 10 reasons to choose a UK staycation over a holiday abroad.

Check them out below...


1. Beautiful Beaches

You don't need to travel to the Mediterranean or Caribbean to experience white sand and turquoise seas.

Beautiful Beaches | 10 Reasons To Take A UK Staycation

Here in the South West we boast some of the most spectacular beaches not only in the UK, but in Europe too!

Take Kynance Cove on the Lizard Peninsula for example, an unbelievable spot voted the best place to take a picnic in the West Country.


2. Discover UK History

Taking in the local history is something most of you will do during a holiday, but how much do you know about the history of the UK?

A staycation down here in the South West opens you up to whole new archive of history, from mining to piracy, fishing and the Roman invasion.


3. Fabulous Food & Drink

Who doesn't love traditional fish and chips or a Cornish pasty?!

Fabulous Food & Drink | 10 Reasons To Take A UK Staycation

The Westcountry is foodie heaven, just ask Cheffy! We have everything from the freshest seafood to beautiful cuts of meat all at affordable prices.

Our drinks aren't bad either – you can sample the finest award-winning ales in almost all of our country pubs.


4. Forget Passports & Currency

Flying abroad can be stressful, particularly if you've got a large family.

Travelling between UK counties is much less so. No need to register for a passport, check current passports are in date, remember all of the passports on the day or get foreign currency exchanged.

Planning a UK staycation is pretty much stress free.


5. Involve Your Pets

Going on holiday is all about making magical memories with the whole family, including your pets.

Pet Friendly | 10 Reasons To Take A UK Staycation

Flying to exotic locations will often mean man's best friend misses out. That means arranging a dog sitter or paying out additional costs for kennels.

The benefit of a staycation is that plenty of places welcome pets – our Devon, Somerset and Cornwall holidays are all pet friendly!


6. No Luggage Allowance

How annoying is the 15kg-20kg luggage allowance on airplanes? Almost as annoying as the heavy fees they charge if you go over the allowance!

You don't have to worry about weighing your cases before a staycation – if you can squeeze it into the car, it's going with you. The best thing about travelling by car is you can take a bike rack, roof racks for surfboards and even a trailer for more fun accessories.


7. Explore With Your Own Transport

While we're on the subject of transport, taking your own on a staycation means you'll never be restricted by buses, trains, taxis etc.

Transport | 10 Reasons To Take A UK Staycation

You're free to explore the open road, at whatever time you like, for as long as you like.


8. Save £££'s

The main reason people will choose a staycation over a holiday abroad is because of the money that can be saved, and you won't be sacrificing the fun and adventures either.

Not only will the cost of the holiday be cheaper, you'll save on flights, transfers, transport and plenty more. You can use a fraction of this cost to get out and take in some family attractions.


9. Perfect For Short Breaks

Running out of holiday days at work? Don't worry, you can take a mini-break just for the weekend.

UK Short Breaks | 10 Reasons To Take A UK Staycation

Travel after work on a Friday evening and you have two full days and two nights of relaxation.

We offer short breaks on all of our caravan holidays in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.


10. Help Support Local Events

One way you can fill your staycation days is to visit some local events.

Here in the South West we have some of the most unique and family-friendly events in the UK, and in some of the most stunning locations too!

Supporting local events, accommodation providers, towns and villages will only help make staycations EVEN better in the years to come.

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