5 Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy During Your Holidays in Devon


After a Christmas of overindulgence I was asked the inevitable question: “What is your New Year's Resolution?”

Once again my response was: “keeping fit and eating healthy”, but this year is different, I'm committed to it even while I'm at our holiday parks in Devon – you guys with me?!

Most of us will agree that holidays offer a chance to unwind, but at the same time we don't want to waste the months of hard work. With that in mind I've put together my top 5 tips to staying fit and healthy during your holidays in Devon...


1. 2 Wheels are Friendlier than 4

Arguably there's no better way to explore Devon than on two wheels. Mounting your bikes to your car is super easy and takes up little to no room.

2 Wheels Are Friendlier Than 4 | 5 Tips to Stay Fit & Healthy on Your Holidays in Devon

The benefits are seemingly endless – not only are you keeping the region greener, you're shifting around 450 calories per hour while taking in some of the county's most picturesque scenery.

The Tarka Trail stretches over 32miles and is easily accessible from our North Devon holiday parks. The trail follows the journey of Tarka the Otter, made famous in Henry Williamson's classic tale.


2. Watersports Workout

I can't think of a better natural gym than the ocean...can you?

Watersports Workout | 5 Tips to Stay Fit & Healthy on Your Holidays in Devon

Freddy's been trying to get me surfing for some time now, but you're more likely to find me soaking up the sun with my head in a magazine. After looking at the health benefits though, he's winning me over. Surfing builds cardio fitness, shoulder and back strength and provides a full core workout.

Alternatively there's stand up paddleboarding. SUP has boomed in Devon over the last couple of years and offers a less intense, low impact core workout.


3. Explore the Coast on Foot

Similar to cycling, walking gives you another opportunity to fight off the calories while taking in our wonderful coastline.

Explore The Coast On Foot | 5 Tips to Stay Fit & Healthy on Your Holidays in Devon

You'll burn around 75 calories per mile on the average walk, take into consideration the rugged coastal routes and you're more likely to be shedding 100 per mile.

Baggy Point is my top recommendation for walking around our Devon holiday parks. The impressive headland forms part of the South West Coast Path and separates Croyde from Morte Bay.


4. Low-Calorie Barbecuing

Part and parcel of being on holiday is indulging in glorious foods, and if you're sticking to a low-calorie diet there's no need to miss out, just ask Cheffy!

Low-Calorie Barbecuing | 5 Tips to Stay Fit & Healthy on Your Holidays in Devon

Before we know it barbecue season will be upon and the temptation of a juicy burger will be staring us in the face.

If you're barbecuing at our Devon holiday parks, my tip is to substitute those burgers and hot dogs for guilt-free fresh fish. Seafood is an excellent source of lean protein and we're lucky enough to have some of the best in the UK. My personal favourites are prawn skewers and freshly caught mackerel drizzled in lemon.


5. Early Morning Swimming

While others might be taking the opportunity of an extended lay in, you could have the freedom of the swimming pool for an early morning dip.

Early Morning Swimming | 5 Tips to Stay Fit & Healthy on Your Holidays in Devon

Not only is it the perfect way to relax and clear your mind, but you'll burn plenty of calories taking part in fasted cardio.

The outdoor heated swimming pool at Sandaway Beach Holiday Park is the perfect location to do this, with the added bonus of some stunning panoramic sea views! 

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