5 Ways to get Fit and Healthy Around the South West

MY new year's resolution is to get myself fit and healthy and I've decided to do it with a tour of the South West.

As a chef there's always the temptation to have a nibble on some of the dishes I've whipped up – bellisimo! But in 2013 I indulged myself a little too much. Plus there's the Christmas weight I always put on which needs shifting. 

I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do while I'm there but I've put together this list of five ideas and I'm going to show it to Freddy, Paxo, Trixie and Kenny to see what they think. After all, they'll be coming with me when we go away on our family break in the UK.

  1. Surfing in Devon and Cornwall

    Sure, Devon and Cornwall aren't Hawaii or Manly Beach, but the North Devon and Cornish coasts are closer to home and they're better for beginners like me.

    After watching people surfing at Woolacombe last year when we were at Ilfracombe Holiday Park I've been reading about it and it sounds perfect for getting me fit. It uses all the body's muscles – and concentration – so it should be good for my body and mind. Plus Freddy will think I'm pretty cool if I manage to master it!

    Surfing in Cornwall 


  2. Kayaking around Torbay

    Kayaking is a pretty tough sport and it's really good for keeping you fit, so I'm going to try it when I'm at South Bay Holiday Park in Brixham. It's the ideal base to explore the south coast and clock up plenty of sea miles. Dawlish based Devon Windsurf offer canoe hire for the whole family so everyone can come along with me.


  3. Yoga

    I'm not really into new age type stuff but I was reading the newspaper the other day and came across an article all about how Yoga can improve your flexibility, sort out health problems and reduce stress, as well as just generally making you fit. I guess it's a bit like how you tenderise meat – but less aggressive! Plus it's so popular nowadays you can holiday anywhere in the south west and still find somewhere nearby to try out Yoga. A website I found, the British Wheel of Yoga, has a list of loads of teachers and classes across the UK.



  4. Healthy eating holidays

    The most obvious way for me to get fit has been staring me in the face though! As a chef I can easily cook healthy food for all the family so I thought why not just go on self catering holidays where I can keep eating salads and lean meals. I need to keep off the pizza, even if it has always been my favourite since my mama first started feeding me it 28 years ago.


  5. Cycling

    Cycling's been really big since the Tour de France and London Olympics so I'm thinking about giving it a go. I should be good at it with my Italian heritage! I thought cycling part of the South West Coast Path might be an idea, because there are loads of holiday homes in Devon where we could stop off and stay and it runs right around Devon and Cornwall – and Paxo loves reliving her childhood holidays in Cornwall and telling Trixie and Freddy all about them.

    Family Cycling 

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