5 winter beach activities in Cornwall

Some people think that the only time to visit the beach is during the hot summer months when they are on their family holidays in Cornwall, but you can have just as much fun in the winter! Some of the best days on the beaches in Cornwall are on a cold, sunny day during the winter and there are loads of activities for you to enjoy and keep you warm.

Water Sports

When you are staying at one of our Cornwall holiday parks you will be spoilt for choice with the amazing beaches on your doorstep that offer some exciting water sports. Although you might not think jumping into the sea is a good idea when the temperature drops, the colder months can often give you the ideal conditions for partaking in water sports. Throw on a wetsuit and enjoy the peace of a quiet beach.

Dog Walks

If you are staying on one of our pet friendly caravan holidays, you will be more than likely be itching to get your dog out for a long walk to burn off some energy and Cornwall is the perfect place to do it. Although most beaches in Cornwall are dog friendly, some do have restrictions in the summer months. However during the winter, the dog restrictions are usually lifted so you can take your pick of the hundreds of beaches and take your furry friend out for a day trip.

Kite Flying  

With a much increased chance of wind and an empty stretch of sand to work with, Cornwall beaches in winter are perfect to fly a kite. Use the bad weather days to decorate your own kite and use the dry days to get it up in the sky.

Treasure Hunt

With the decreased visitors on the Cornwall beaches the odds of finding some great beach treasures are much higher in the winter months. Go digging under the sand, hunt under the rocks, use a metal detector or even sieve out the sand and you’re bound to find some fascinating treasure.

Beach Games

What better way to blow away the winter cobwebs by burning some energy with some lively beach games. Volleyball, football, cricket, rounders and even sandcastle making are among the games that you can enjoy during the off-peak months. So head down to the quiet beach with an extra layer, bat, ball, bucket & spade, flask of tea and a group of friends and you will be guaranteed to make the most wonderful Cornwall memories.

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