Cornwall Cements its Status as Top Food Destination

Ciao my friends!

It's been a little while since I spoke to you, hopefully you've all been out and about from our caravan parks in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset enjoying this Mediterranean weather.

Now back to my love, food. When I mention Cornwall and food in the same sentence, the majority of you will be picturing steaming traditional pasties or paper-wrapped fish and chips, right?

In reality, the fine dining side of Cornwall's food scene is thriving and the county's fresh seafood and local meats are becoming a real draw for foodies from all over the UK.

Cornwall Top Food Destination | John Fowler Cornwall Caravan Parks

In a recent survey carried out by travel giant Expedia, Cornwall is even voted as one of the top food destinations in Europe!

Expedia's 'Europe on a Plate' survey found that 23% of British tourists would visit Cornwall for its food alone, ranking the county just behind Puglia (34%) and Madrid (25%).

Being a chef and exploring Cornwall's food scene over a number of years, it's no shock to me the county is ranked so highly.

It doesn't surprise Malcolm Bell from VisitCornwall either, who said: “British cuisine has been on the rise for 30 years and Cornwall's reputation has a far higher trajectory – you've only got to watch a food programme like Saturday Kitchen to hear Cornwall mentioned.”

“What I like is the reputation we have here.”

“Yes, we have fast food, we have pasties – but it's nice to have recognition for fine dining.”

Some of the UK's most respected chefs now have restaurants in Cornwall and they credit the area's quality produce for its increasing popularity. Nathan Outlaw said: “The produce we have access to across the county is second to none; Cornish chefs have first dibs at the freshest seafood landed by day boats, to cattle naturally reared on the moors, not to mention some fantastic fruit and vegetables grown in Cornwall's microclimate.”

I want to hear from you – is the local food a factor for you booking caravan holidays in Cornwall? How does food and eating out stack up against location, beaches, and family friendly activities as a selling point? Let me know by leaving a comment on my Facebook page.

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