Does your dog tweet or cat check in?

If the answer to that is yes, then you're part of almost one million pet owners in the UK who have setup a social media profile for their furry friend, research from has revealed.

Cleverly named 'social petworking', the craze has seen some pets outshining their owners and many a Z-lister, with more follows and likes.

Social Petworking | John Fowler Dog Friendly

17% of animal lovers also admitted to filling their timelines with updates about their pets, including statuses, videos and photos of them during their dog friendly holidays UK. I'm friends with a lot of visitors to John Fowlers pet friendly caravan parks and they regularly post photos and videos of their pooches enjoying the sand and sea.

My favourite pet account has to be Maggie May (@maggiemay_hem). This is our very own Wimbledon champion Andy Murray's border terrier. Obviously he's too busy hitting balls Maggie May can't chase, so the updates are left to his girlfriend Kim Sears.

Ben Wilson from said: "The nation seems divided on what people think of pets on social media, as half (51%) of those asked said that they found people who constantly post about their pet on social media irritating, and the vast majority (74%) saying that they find people who created profiles for their pet 'weird'.

"But with around four million tweets about cats and dogs each month, it doesn't look like animal lovers will stop talking about their pets online any time soon."

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