Don’t miss Freaky Nature at the Eden Project

If you're looking for something fun and exciting to do while you're on your caravan holidays in Cornwall between 15 February and 02 March I've got such a cool thing to go and do! When you go to the Eden to see Freaky Nature you won't ever be able to look at plants in the same way ever again!

You reckon plants look boring? They aren't. You'll see when you get there but it's well cool, you can check out sticky plants, smelly plants and even plants that eat meat and bite back! Sweet!

Dad Andd Daughter | Looking Through A Microscope | Science

Freaky Nature's isn't just for us kids either, there's loads to do for the grown-ups as well. 

With the Big it Up section you cancheck out plants on a seriously big scale by using the powerful microscopes normally used by those brainy scientists at the Eden Project.

Did you know there are illegal plants? Pretty mental huh?! These bad guys are the meat-eating plants as well as the plants that kill! They changed over the years to survive and you can find out more when you're there.

You can take a wicked guided tour of the rainforest and Mediterranean to discover all different types of freaky plants too.

You can do a pretty sweet Freaky Nature trail around Eden to find out more about stuff and then do a workshop.

This bit is so cool! You get to put on a Velcro suit and learn how stickiness can help you survive as a plant- by jumping into a massive Velcro wall!

The Eden Project is near our Trelawne, Killigarth and St Ives holiday parks.

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