Freddy Fox Q&A: Your Questions Answered!

Tom, our Social Media Exec here at John Fowler Holidays, managed to prise Freddy away from his Foxy Club duties for a quick 30 minute Q&A recently.

Freddy can be a bit of an elusive character at times, so we prepared a couple of weeks ago by asking for YOUR questions via Facebook, and then we managed to grab him while he was at our holiday parks in Devon.

Freddy Fox Q&A | John Fowler Devon Holiday Parks

Check out the interview below...


Tom: Hey Freddy, I finally managed to collar you for a chat after shouting your name all over Ilfracombe Holiday Park.

Freddy: Sorry Tom, my hearing isn't great. Next time setup a trail of Jaffa Cakes leading to your office.

Tom: Anything for a bit of food eh Freddy! Anyway, we asked your fans to post some questions via Facebook and we've got a few of our own too – are you happy to answer them for us?

Freddy: No worries, my Facebook fans are awesome so fire away!

Tom: Perfect! OK I'll kick things off with Fee McNicol's question via Facebook, she asked:"You never seem to get any older, what is your secret to staying so young?"

Freddy: Kenny asks me this one a lot, Fee! I think it's a combo between the South West's sea breeze, Cheffy keeping me on a healthy diet and my active lifestyle. It might have something to do with Paxo's anti-aging cream too, but shhhhh we'll keep that quiet!

Tom: There you go Fee, free tips from Freddy! Next question....what is your top beach close to our holiday parks?

Freddy: Wow, that's a toughie! I like to bend the rules, so here are my top 3...Woolacombe Beach – super popular with visitors on holidays in Devon, Carbis Bay in St Ives and Perranporth Beach.

Tom: 3 superb choices might I add. Joanne Wright on Facebook asks:"Amber and Amelia want to know how many Jaffa Cakes you can eat in 1 day?"

Freddy: Well Amber and Amelia, that's something I've not actually tried before! Maybe next time you come and visit we can try it during kids' club? I'm going to back myself to demolish 5 standard packs in a day!

Tom: Remind me to stay clear of you that day! The next question I have here is...what hobbies do you have away from the Foxy Club?

Freddy: I mentioned already that I have an active lifestyle – there's so much to do around the coast here in the South West. When the surf's pumping you'll find me at Croyde, Saunton or Woolacombe, and when it's flat I lace up my footy boots for a kick about with all our guests. When the weather isn't great I like to school people on the XBOX, FIFA or Forza, I'll win both!

Tom: We might have to have a game of FIFA Freddy. OK, now over to Facebook and Betty Oakey, who asks:"Freddy, where were you on 17th September at South Bay?"

Freddy: Sorry Betty, I was needed at Ilfracombe Holiday Park that weekend. Hopefully see you at South Bay next time!

Tom: David Jones has a tricky question for you here Freddy, he says:"Which is your favourite holiday park out of all of them at John Fowlers?"

Freddy: That really is tricky! I've got loads of friends at our Cornwall, Somerset and Devon holiday parks, so I can't pick between them. They all have their own character, some big and lively, some quiet and chilled and the locations are waaaaaaay too hard to pick between.

Tom: I think David might accuse you of sitting on the fence there Freddy. Next up is Cheryl Attwood, who says:"Brogan wants to know, what is your least favourite food Freddy?"

Freddy: That's an awesome question Brogan. Kenny likes me to try all sorts of healthy foods, but I really can't stand tuna, sprouts and whole tomatoes (but I like it on pizza!).

Tom: Kristen Ayre wants to know:"What is your favourite game show?"

Freddy: I think The Cube is amazing, it's sooooo tense! I think I could beat The Cube, what do you reckon? Another one of my fave game shows is Deal or No Deal, Freddy vs The Banker would be a great match-up.

Tom: You'd be entertaining to watch on both, Freddy. OK final question from Teresa Daborn on Facebook:"3 year old Ethan would like to know if he can dance with you, next time he's at Perran View Holiday Park?"

Freddy: Course you can Ethan! No doubt you'll find me on the dance floor, I'll even teach you some special Freddy moves!

Tom: That's wrap Freddy. Thanks for sparing us 30 minutes, we'll let you get back to your Foxy Club duties now.

Freddy: No sweat. Thanks for all your Facebook questions guys!

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