Freddy’s Favourite 5: Dog Friendly Water Sports


It's been a couple of months since my last 'Freddy's Favourite 5' blog, so I think it's time I give you the next part in the series!

Kenny has done a good job covering most of the pet friendly blogs, writing about all the things to do around our dog friendly accommodation, but now it's my turn and I've chosen a more exhilarating topic!

I'm giving all of you that stay at our dog friendly caravan parks my favourite 5 dog friendly water sports! Here we go...



Is there a better friend to catch some waves with than your four-legged one?

Surfing | Dog Friendly Water Sports

If you follow my blog you'll have seen me post some very rare footage of a surfing seal pup a couple weeks ago, but believe it or not it's quite common to see dogs amongst the surf.

If your dog's a confident swimmer, why not take them out for a few waves on your pet friendly holidays UK? There are even surf schools that'll help you both balance on your surfboard.


Stand Up Paddleboarding

Devon and Cornwall are famed for their quality surfing beaches, but what happens when the surf goes flat? Well, a new water sport has been thriving!

Stand Up Paddleboarding | Dog Friendly Water Sports

Stand up Paddleboarding allows you to get a full body workout, while enjoying the company of man's best friend and taking in some amazing scenery.

SUP may prove a good way to practice your balance for surfing, just make sure your dog doesn't move around too much or you'll end up wet!



Kayaking is similar to SUP, but no prior training is required and you're less likely to end up in the water!

Kayaking | Dog Friendly Water Sports

On a still day you can explore the secret coves and beaches around the south west coast with your best mate on board.


Water Fetch

If your dog is always prepared for a game of fetch, carrying their favourite toy everywhere, then the beach is the perfect playground!

Water Fetch | Dog Friendly Water Sports

Water fetch is pretty much the same as a regular game of fetch, only you launch your ball/stick/frisbee in to the shallows and watch your dog splash around to grab it.

It's wicked fun and your pet gets a decent bit of exercise too!



Most dogs have the ability to tread water, or 'doggie paddle', and it's one of the best ways for them have fun in the sun and keep cool!

Swimming | Dog Friendly Water Sports

When the sea is nice and calm, it's the perfect place to go for a dip. On days when the sea is a bit rougher your pooch can enjoy a range of natural tidal pools dotted around the Devon and Cornwall coast.

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