Freddy’s Favourite 5: Family Beach Games


I don't know about you guys but watching the World Cup over the last couple of weeks has got me feeling super active!

Normally, I'd go to the local park for a game of headers and volleys, but as I'm at our holiday parks in Conrwall I can use the beach as my playground.

Although I go on about surfing a lot, that's not all I do at the beach! I know loads of other beach games and sports that the whole family can get involved in. Here are 5 that you can play on your Cornwall holidays this summer...


Beach Volleyball/Football/Tennis

I've bunched these together because they can all be played on the same court marked out in the sand. Chances are you won't even have to mark it out yourselves, loads of people leave their court ready to be used again.

Beach Volleyball | Family Beach Games

Volleyball, football and tennis are perfect for the beach on your because all you need is a ball and 2 - 8 players.

You can make up your own rules, but I like to restrict touches to 3 before the ball has to go over the middle line to the opponents.


Sand Darts

All of the equipment you need for a game of sand darts can be found on the beach.

Draw a big dart board in the sand with a stick, making sure you have different sized sections to target. Then fetch your pebbles which are used as darts, I normally send Trixie off to do this, she loves collecting pretty pebbles on our Cornwall breaks.

Decide the scoring system amongst yourselves and make sure the adults stand further away to make it harder!


Beach Jenga

I bet you thought Jenga on the beach was impossible? Well it's not, even with that sea breeze.

OK, so it's not the traditional brick Jenga, but it's just as intense!

Beach Jenga | Family Beach Games

The idea is to build a high sandcastle, with each player taking turns to scoop out a chunk of sand with a spade. The person who scoops out the sand that collapses the castle loses.

The loser should do a forfeit, like running up and down the dunes 3 times.


Fill The Bucket

This game is ideal if you're holidaying with other families, or have more than 2 children.

You'll need to grab 2 large buckets and a couple of smaller sized cups too. Pick 2 teams, with each team placing their bucket on the beach, around 50ft from the water's edge.

At the word “go” the first person on each team races to the water, fills the cup up and runs back to their team and the bucket. Pour the water into the bucket and pass the cup to the next player to do the same.

The first team to fill the bucket takes the win!


Channel Race

You'll need a couple of teams again for this one, as well as your buckets and 2 ping pong balls.

Head down to the water and find a slight down slope for the game to work best. Each team digs a channel to the water's edge and places a ping pong ball at the start line. The idea of the game is to fill the channel with water to get the ping pong ball moving.

Channel Race | Family Beach Games

The first team to get their ping pong ball to the finish wins. The longer the channel the more exciting the game gets!

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