Learn The West Country Lingo: Kenny’s Top 15 Phrases

After pressing confirm on your family holiday booking, attention will naturally turn to how you'll get by with the local language.

A holiday to the West Country is no different, and if you're visiting our Somerset, Cornwall or Devon holiday parks, prior knowledge of the lingo will really help you immerse yourself in local life.

Today you're in luck! I'm here to help you brush up on your West Country dialect, with a list of the top 15 phrases you HAVE to know before your holiday to the West Country...

Top 15 West Country Phrases | John Fowler Devon Holiday Parks


1. Proper job
Meaning: Used to describe a job well done. It's also the name of St Austell Brewery's award-winning beer – a fine tipple might I add.
Example: "Dad, check out the sandcastle I just built!" "Proper job, son."

2. Dreckly
Meaning: Soon, or an unspecified time in the future.
Example: "We're off to catch some waves, see you dreckly!"

3. Ee
Meaning: Can be used instead of him or it.
Example: "Look at ee scoffing a pasty!"

4. Teddies
Meaning: Potatoes.
Example: "Do you want roast teddies with your Sunday lunch me luvver?"

5. Alrite me luvver
Meaning: A greeting similar to "alright mate" or "hello love".
Example: "Alrite me luvver, welcome to The Duchy."

6. Maid
Meaning: Used to reference a female.
Example: "Do you want a flake in that maid?"

7. Ee's a boot
Meaning: Can be used to call someone beautiful, or otherwise used to describe an impressive animal.
Example: "Check out the crab I just caught, ee's a boot!"

8. Ark at ee
Meaning: Listen to him.
Example: "Ark at ee making us jealous about his holidays in Devon."

9. Backalong
Meaning: In the past.
Example: "Didn't we visit that beach backalong?"

10. Me 'ansum
Meaning: Term of endearment for a friend family member.
Example: "What have you got planned today me 'ansum?"

11. Right on
Meaning: Used to confirm agreement with something.
Example: "Freddy can you strap the surfboards to the roof?" "Right on!"

12. Ere
Meaning: Starts off a sentence that contains gossip.
Example: "Ere, apparently that little cafe across the road does the best pasties in St Ives."

13. Yer tis
Meaning: Here it is.
Example: "Are you still looking for your magazine Paxo? Yer tis."

14. Where you to?
Meaning: Where are you?
Example: "Where you to? We're already late leaving for our self catering holidays in Devon!"

15. Up north
Meaning: Anywhere beyond the border of Somerset.
Example: "Oh you're from Gloucester, up north."

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