Love affair with bananas over for Monkeys at Paignton Zoo

I’ve never heard anything like this in all my life! If you have ever been on weekend breaks UK and taken a trip to the zoo you would have seen monkeys eating bananas. Well not anymore! Monkeys at Paignton zoo have now been banned from eating that tasty fruit – because they are too unhealthy.

Apparently it’s like humans eating too much cake and chocolate the animal nutritionists said. Whatever next?!

I guess the old cliché of a monkey eating a banana is out the window now. One good thing about this news is that I’ll get more bananas to put into my fruit salads and banoffee pies, but not my famous pasta dishes or pizzas!

This sounds a lot like my la famiglia; the monkeys living at the zoo have been on a healthy living boost and have been avoiding food that is too sugary and sweet – including bananas.

It wasn’t like this back in my day growing up in Italy, but as a chef I know it’s all about eating in moderation. Just ask Paxo.

Baby Monkey | Holding Banana | Paignton Zoo