Mama Mia! Jimmy the pizza- loving fox comes for dinner!

This is Jimmy the fox who has been visiting a couple in Yeovil not far away from our two holiday parks in Somerset. 

This hungry fox is treated to cheese pizza twice a week after developing a taste for the classic Italian dish after appearing in the Yeovil garden over three years ago and visits them between 6-9pm every night ready for a pizza feast! 

The couple used to feed Jimmy dog food but one evening there was pizza left over from dinner and they left some out for him which of course he loved and now when they leave dog food out Jimmy turns his nose up! I know what I would prefer (and it's not the dog food)! 

Jimmy reminds me a lot of my young Freddy – he loves pizza, his favourite is Hawaiian. What is your favourite pizza? Where is your favourite pizza place near any of our Cornwall, Devon or Somerset holiday parks?  Send your answers and your pictures to my Facebook page

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