Paxo’s Oscars inspired top 5 movies filmed in Cornwall

Well, I’ve finally caught up with the Oscars!

Seeing Dame Judi Dench on the red carpet reminded me of when she was in Cadgwith, Cornwall filming Ladies in Lavender. Did you know Cornwall has been a popular location for film makers since the early 1930’s? I’ll take you through my top 5 movies that have been filmed in Cornwall – I think you’ll be surprised by a few...


James Bond – Die Another Day

Judi Dench has starred in another film that had scenes shot in Cornwall – Die Another Day.

This is the 20th film in the series and unfortunately ladies, the last where Pierce Brosnan plays the MI6 agent.

The opening scenes where Bond comes ashore after surfing were filmed at Cornwall's Holywell Bay. This was used as a double for a North Korean beach - the surf hut was transformed into a pill box and defences were set up on the golden sand.

family breaks UK | Holywell Bay

The Eden Project was also used as a location double during the film, if you watch closely you’ll get a glimpse. The Eden Project is only 35 minutes from Killigarth Manor Holiday Park and is the perfect family day out on your UK holidays.


Pirates Of The Caribbean – On Stranger Tides

Producers behind the fourth instalment of Pirates Of The Caribbean chose picturesque St Ives as a British setting for filming.

With St Ives' history of pirates and smuggling, it was a natural location for Captain Jack Sparrow’s adventure. When the sun shines, it's easy to see how the azure waters of St Ives acted as a double for the tropical Caribbean seas.

UK holidays | St Ives

Sightings of the elusive ‘Black Pearl’ were even reported off the coast.

You can experience the beautiful waters yourselves, just a short drive from St Ives Holiday Village.


Alice In Wonderland

If you’re staying at Trelawne Manor Holiday Park this summer I’d recommend visiting the grade I listed Antony House – just 30 minutes away near Torpoint.

UK family breaks | Antony House

This National Trust property was boosted to fame when it was used during the filming of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland – starring none other than Johnny Depp ladies!

Two of the Victorian studies were used to film the famous Mad Hatter’s tea party.

Burton said about Antony House: "It was great, I loved it. We looked at a lot of places, but there was something about it.

He added: "It is a beautiful house. It is a grey, simple, strong structure which just felt kind of really graphic.

"We had to shoot a lot of this in LA so it was really nice to shoot and be there in Cornwall. It was a great house. We stayed right on the grounds in the haunted house. It kind of kept us going through the rest of the movie in a way."


World War Z

Hollywood fever hit the Falmouth in 2011 when Brad Pitt was in town to film dramatic scenes for zombie movie World War Z.

The filming took place in Falmouth docks onboard RAF Argus – which had been covered in fake snow for the shots.

holidays in UK | Falmouth Docks

500 lucky locals were casted as extras in the film after an open casting call down in Truro – only 20 minutes from Perran View Holiday Park. I wish I’d have applied to be an extra while I was there – I looooooooooove Brad Pitt.


The Witches

If you’ve been to Newquay on your family breaks UK, you may have been scratching your head at where you’ve seen the large hotel overlooking Fistral Beach before?

family breaks in UK | Headland Hotel

The grade II listed Headland Hotel was renamed ‘Hotel Excelsior’ and was the setting of the 1990 film The Witches.

In Nicolas Roeg's remake of Roald Dahl's book, a young boy is holidaying at the seaside with his grandmother when he finds the hotel is hosting a witch convention. He discovers that the Grand High Witch is planning on turning all of the children in England into mice.

This was one of my favourite films growing up, although it scared me a little!

You can visit The Headland Hotel and Fistral Beach from Perran View Holiday Park, which is just 25 minutes away.