Top 5 traditional foods to try in Wales

When you visit our holiday park in Wales there’s so much to discover including the beautiful countryside, fantastic attractions and some delicious Welsh foods that you must try during your stay.

Wales has a deep culinary history and they produce some of the UK’s best recipes. Here is a list of our top 5 traditional Welsh foods that you cannot miss out on whilst you are on your Wales holidays.

Welsh Rarebit 

Many people refer to this as ‘posh cheese on toast’ and although the ingredients are melted cheese and bread rarebit is much more than that in Wales. With a combination of melted Welsh cheese, savoury sauce and fresh toasted bread, you’ll certainly find this delicious meal at most eateries during your Welsh holiday.

Welsh Cakes 

These delicate cakes can be served hot or cold and are usually on offer at most Welsh cafes. These mouth watering snacks are filled with dried fruit and a mixture of spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar and ginger.

Bara Brith

This traditional Welsh fruitcake/bread is always the star of the show at any Welsh afternoon tea. Sometimes known as ‘speckled bread’, Bara Brith is traditionally flavoured with tea, dried fruit and mixed spices and is usually served sliced with salted Welsh butter.


In modern Welsh language, the word ‘Cawl’ is used to refer to soup or broth and is traditionally made with Welsh lamb, leeks, potatoes, carrots and swede. The dish is usually served with chunky bread and a chunk of Welsh cheese – the perfect winter warmer.


Another classic dish to be tried when you are staying at on one of our caravan holidays in Wales is Laverbread, a luxurious seaweed dish. Often referred to as Welsh caviar, this interesting savoury treat does not actually contain bread at all but is made up of nutritious edible seaweed. 

At Llanrhidian Holiday Park you can also enjoy ‘The Welsh Board’ at The Purple Badger pub which is a combination of cockles, laverbread, bacon, rarebit and bread, so you don’t even need to leave the UK holiday site to enjoy a traditional Welsh dish.

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