Trixie looks forward to an early summer treat

Hello everyone, it's me, Trixie!

We're off on our cheap UK breaks again this Easter holiday and I can't wait.

Apparently we're going to have a very sunny Easter because summer will be early this year – the weather man said so on TV.

My favourite thing about our cheap caravan holidays is getting to eat lots of ice cream! So if the weather man is right and it is hot and sunny in April I'm going to eat loads of lovely tasty ice cream.

Here are some of the flavours I want to try.


Vanilla Ice Cream | John Fowler Holidays

Vanilla ice cream is a bit boring but I had some on our holiday in North Devon last year which was lovely! It was called Hockings and it was so good I didn't need any other flavours, just a chocolate flake!

They had really old looking ice cream vans too which looked funny. You can see them on their website at

Clotted Cream and Blackberry

Clotted Cream & Blackberry | John Fowler Holidays

Apparently clotted cream is like normal cream which has gone off. It sounds disgusting but I had some on my Christmas pudding and it was delicious! Blackberries are my favourite fruit too – I love picking them off the hedges near my house.

So I'm going to try this flavour, which gets made by Calllestick Farm.

Lemon Sorbet

This isn't actually an ice cream – apparently it's even icier! That's why I want to try it.

I really like cold foods and this one will make my tongue all chilly!

And I really like lemons too. Sometimes I make lemonade out of lemons, sugar and water and sell it to my neighbours from my front garden!

This sorbet is made by Dunstaple Farm.

Nellie's Chunky Chocolate

Nellies Chunky Chocolate | John Fowler Holidays

This ice cream is made at Blackmore Farm in Somerset and they name all the chocolates after the different cows that live there!

This chunky chocolate ice cream is named after Nellie! I like that name because it reminds me of Nellie the elephant!

English Toffee

I love chewy toffee that sticks my teeth together so I really want to eat this ice cream from Langage Farm.

If I end up going to Langage Farm I might try some other flavours too. The ice cream makers there are very busy. They make more than 30 different flavours of ice cream! Wow!

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