Unique Northern Lights display spotted as far south as Somerset

It's not just the solar eclipse drawing attention this week, as an equally breathtaking phenomenon created its own unique display, as far south as our holiday parks in Somerset.

The spectacular Northern Lights were unexpectedly witnessed down here in Somerset, with skygazers in the north of the UK and the midlands also taking in the display.

Northern Lights Somerset | John Fowler Somerset Holiday Parks

The met office explained that an increase in solar activity was the cause of the early hours event.

The Aurora Borealis, as it's also known, is caused by eruptions on the surface of the Sun and recent activity has been unexpectedly strong.

The UK was treated to the colourful display after explosions on the Sun generated large amounts of magnetically charged particles, which were thrown into outer space.

Craig Snell, Met Office forecaster, said: “It was the biggest solar flare that has come to earth in the last 19 to 20 years. There were reds and greens which lit up the sky.”

Did anyone staying at our caravan park in Somerset witness the display? I'd love to hear from you over on my Facebook page.

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