Video: Have you ever seen a surfing seal?


No? Well you can right now...

There's no need to rub your eyes, that really is a seal attempting to surf. I've seen a surfing dog during my caravan holidays in Cornwall, but never a seal!

Matt Stanley and Andrew Flounders were surfing off Amble, on the North East coast, when the young seal slid onboard keen to take on a wave itself.

The pup played with the surfers for around an hour before Matt and Andy called it day – the seal wasn't as keen to cut short fun, even trying to follow the pair up the beach.

Matt said: "It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

"We had been in for about 45 minutes when the seal came along. I've seen them there before but they are usually far away.”

"This one nudged Andrew's foot in the water and started getting curious."

"It kept sliding off, but every time you caught a wave it would surf in on the white water.”

Matt caught the action from a GoPro camera attached to the end of his board and the footage has since gone viral, being viewed and shared millions of times.

A spokesman for the Cornish Seal Sanctuary said: "We have surfboards here which the seals like to lie on.

"They can be very friendly so something like this can happen even in the wild, but we would still advise people not to touch them."

If you've spotted anything weird and wonderful in the surf during your holidays in Cornwall let me know in the comments below.

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