VIDEO: Rare white-beaked dolphins caught on film off the Cornwall coast

If there are 3 things you're guaranteed from a break at our Cornwall holiday parks, it's awesome beaches, scrumptious local food and unique wildlife. The later has been making the news again this week, after some pre New Year footage emerged of super rare dolphins frolicking off the Cornwall coast.

Seven unusual looking white-beaked dolphins, including a calf, were spotted in the waters off Falmouth, to the amazement of enthusiasts onboard a local wildlife cruise.

The species are native to the north Atlantic, however a pod of 20 are thought to live in a cold stream off West Bay and Lyme Bay, Dorset.

The marine charity which monitors the pod has confirmed these dolphins are from the same group, marking them out as permanent residents of the South West.

Keith Leeves, Skipper of AK Wildlife Cruises, said: "The last two times I saw them was 2004 and 2006 in Falmouth Bay so it was a joy to see them again," he added.

"They had a calf, which means they must be breeding down here. The charity Marine Life recognises every single animal except the baby as part of the Lyme Bay group.

"It is intriguing why they come to Falmouth Bay but they were heading west towards Land's End."

AK Wildlife Cruises stated the excellent weather last summer was responsible for a record 3,215 sightings in the waters that surround our UK holiday parks.

Check out the footage below...


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