Murder Mystery Weekends

Join us at our holiday parks for our Murder Mystery Weekends. We have teamed up with talented murder mystery actors from The Moonstone Theatre Company to bring you a weekend of highly engaging and interactive mysteries to solve. You will have to eavesdrop on conversations and keep your eyes peeled for vital clues that will help you solve the murder. Talk to the suspects, find out who was where and when? Did they know the victim? But beware there will also be suspects trying to mislead you to cover their tracks. Can you piece all of the evidence together to find out whodunnit, how and what their motive was? 

Our murder mystery plots are varied and interesting - you may find yourself immersed in the circus world, at a doomed Christmas market or part of a pantomime gone wrong! Starting the weekend off in style award winning magician Odeeni will be going round the tables and doing some up close magic and performing for all of our guests, followed by live cabaret acts to bring the evening to an end. 

Our Murder Mystery Breaks in Devon and Cornwall offer fantastic value for money. Your weekend break will include self catering accommodation in a lodge, caravan or chalet. You will arrive on Friday and there will be a mystery to solve that evening including a free buffet. On Saturday a mystery will be set up for you to peruse at your leisure. Examine the evidence, follow the clues and chat with the suspects before presenting your findings at around 5pm. That will be followed by another murder mystery on Saturday evening. To bring the weekend to an end you can enjoy some fantastic live cabaret on the Sunday evening. 





Our Murder Mystery Breaks have been put together with a team of experts for maximum fun and enjoyment. Some sceanrios easily lend themselves to fancy dress themes which is encouraged but totally optional!

Combe Martin Beach

Friday 23rd March - What The Dickens 

The Christmas rush never actually stops all the year round for some people. Acme Decorations are getting into full swing. This small company had developed a niche market for its decorations and the product line was selling well. However, one night disaster had struck when the co- founder and Managing Director, one Jacob Marley, was found hanged from a beam in the factory. The rope had been decorated with tinsel and the body too had been decorated with more tinsel, hanging baubles and candles.

Who would have done such a thing, and why?

Saturday 24th March - Final Curtain 

It is 1932 and a company of actors shortly to appear at the local theatre are meeting up for a convivial evening with friends. They have been rehearsing the brand new play “Black Coffee” written by celebrated local crime writer Agatha Christie. It had closed in London the previous year and was now midway through a national tour. So far the tour had proved highly successful and the play had been playing to packed houses. 

All is not as it seems and, as the evening progresses it is clear that tensions exist and long kept secrets begin to come out. Before the night is over there is another death and it is down to Inspector Appleby, with the help of the other guests, to investigate. 

Will Rawlings 

Will Rawlings brings you all the charm and charisma of Dean Martin in this hour long tribute to "The King Of Cool" You wont be able to stop yourself singing along to the classic hits such as " Sway","Memories Are Made Of This","Thats Amore" and more. If its a laid back, romantic, unforgettable evening you are after this is the show for you. Let Will work his magic and transport you back in time to an age where cool was the coolest it ever was........ My Ultimate swing show consists of two one hour spots The first Forever Dean Tribute second various other swing songs


Killigarth Manor

Friday 11th May - Death Under the Big Top  

The Circus is in town. The Big Top has been set up and Fitzgibbons Travelling Circus are ready to perform their “Fantastical Feast of Fun” show. Unfortunately, at the last rehearsal before opening night disaster strikes when Paulo Orsini of the Flying Orisini’s falls to his death from the trapeze.

An investigation discovers that Paulo Orsini’s catch bar had been coated with Vaseline and on his first somersault his hands had slipped on the bar and he had fallen to the sawdust ring below and was killed instantly.

Saturday 12th May - Malice in Wonderland 

Members of the cast, together with their friends are meeting up at the for a social evening at Tolroy Manor after a hard day’s dress rehearsal. 

The members of the cast are on good form and even come along to the event dressed in their costumes. They are ready for a fun night and it looks as if it will be a great evening. That is, until a policeman arrives with some tragic news. Detective Chief Inspector Charles Appleby tells the group that the actor playing the Knave of Hearts has been found dead at the theatre. He has been murdered!

Everyone is shocked and horrified and the atmosphere changes dramatically. As the evening progresses and the investigation gets under way, the bonhomie of the cast is shown to be a façade. Secrets are revealed and tensions rise. There is another death and the Chief Inspector calls on all those present to help him with his enquiries.

Tolroy Manor 

Friday 28th September - Five Have a Mystery to Solve 

he Famous Five, well, without Timmy, arrive at the Manor House with a strange tale to tell. They have been camping on land belonging to a nearby Farm and exploring the area around a local Lake. They are excited because it is nearly Halloween. They tell the story of an old lady they met in the village who recounted a tale of five villagers. The old lady was a Medium, Madame Lestrange. Julian, Dick, George and Anne recount the stories which they heard. It looks as if each of the five villagers had something to hide but is it all true?

Saturday 29th September - Oh Yes it Is 

Members of the cast, together with their friends are meeting up for a social evening after their final dress rehearsal. The Panto opens on Monday! The cast members have been learning their panto routines and are keen to try them out with a bit of extra rehearsal in front of the dinner guests but their fun is curtailed when a Police Inspector arrives with some bad news.

Initially, everyone is shocked with that news and for a while the atmosphere changes. As the evening progresses and the investigation gets under way, secrets are revealed and tensions rise. However, before long the cast decide that the show must go on and so the fun spirit of Panto takes over with those extra rehearsals. However, there is another death and the Chief Inspector calls on all those present to help him with his enquiries.

All the clues will be there to catch the culprit but will you be able to piece them together to deduce whodunnit?