Murder Mystery Weekends

Join us at our holiday parks for our Murder Mystery Weekends. We have teamed up with talented murder mystery actors from The Moonstone Theatre Company to bring you a weekend of highly engaging and interactive mysteries to solve. You will have to eavesdrop on conversations and keep your eyes peeled for vital clues that will help you solve the murder. Talk to the suspects, find out who was where and when? Did they know the victim? But beware there will also be suspects trying to mislead you to cover their tracks. Can you piece all of the evidence together to find out whodunnit, how and what their motive was? 

Our murder mystery plots are varied and interesting - you may find yourself immersed in the world of Hollywood Glamour, back to school in the 1940s or part of a fairy tale gone wrong!

Our Murder Mystery Breaks in Devon and Cornwall offer fantastic value for money. Your weekend break will include self catering accommodation in a lodge, caravan or chalet. You will arrive on Friday and there will be a mystery to solve that evening including a free buffet. On Saturday a mystery will be set up for you to peruse at your leisure. Examine the evidence, follow the clues and chat with the suspects before presenting your findings at around 5pm. That will be followed by another murder mystery on Saturday evening.



Our Murder Mystery Breaks have been put together with a team of experts for maximum fun and enjoyment. Some sceanrios easily lend themselves to fancy dress themes which is encouraged but totally optional!

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Killigarth Manor Holiday Park 12th-15th May

Our first mystery, 'Death at the Dovecote' will be held on Friday evening. The Dovecote is a 17th Century Manor House, one day, in June 1935, a rambler walking in the early morning mist, chanced upon the body of an old man with what proved to be a valuable medieval dagger in his chest. He had been, in life, Professor George Carterton who had been leading a group of fellow historians on a trip to the area. The group, an odd assortment of characters held together by their love of history, were guests at the house and now an investigation was underway to discover the identity of Professor Carterton’s killer. 

As the investigation unfolds further tensions and revelations come to light and another death occurs. All the clues will be there to lead to the right conclusion but will they be correctly deduced? Inspector Appleby, with the help of the other guests, must get to the truth before the night is over!

A mystery event will be held on Saturday afternoon followed by 'Murder in Hollywood'. It is the Golden Age of Hollywood and a film is being made nearby called “The Queen of Crime.” The plot of the film concerns the strange disappearance of a renowned author some years before. The famous stars of the film and their entourage are staying on a boat moored off the coast, and tonight they are attending an event held in their honour. During the evening there is a murder and a valuable set of diamonds disappear.

It is down to one of the guests, Miss Rutherford, part time sleuth, to take charge of the investigation until the authorities arrive. All the clues will be there to lead to the correct conclusion, but will they be correctly deduced? Miss Rutherford, with the help of the other guests at the Dinner must get at the truth before the night is out! 

Join us on Friday night for our first mystery, 'Dolly'. When the family inherit an old doll from a distant relative. they call her Dolly. She’s a bit battered and bruised but she must have been loved in the past mustn’t she?

However, ever since Dolly came into the house things just haven’t been quite the same. Small items have been inexplicably moved or gone missing entirely. There have been unexplained little accidents. Strange noises in the night. Nothing too serious. Nothing, that is, until a sudden death occurs with only the victim and Dolly together in a locked room. No sign of injury on the body but the look on the face of the deceased suggests that they died of pure fear. Join Inspector Appleby as he questions the family to try and identify the killer.

On Saturday night, we have a brand new mystery for you to solve, 'Malice in Wonderland' The production of the touring show 'Alice in Wonderland' is just about to open at the theatre. Members of the cast, together with their friends are meeting up at the for a social evening after a hard day’s dress rehearsal. The members of the cast are on good form and even come along to the event dressed in their costumes. They are ready for a fun night and it looks as if it will be a great evening. That is, until a policeman arrives with some tragic news. Detective Chief Inspector Charles Appleby tells the group that the actor playing the Knave of Hearts has been found dead at the theatre. He has been murdered!

All the clues will be there to catch the culprit but will you be able to piece them together to deduce whodunnit?