History of Trelawne Manor

Trelawne Manor Holiday Park in Looe dates back in history to the 1500s and is now enjoyed throughout the year by holidaymakers. Visitors can explore the historic surroundings at Trelawne Manor including the stunning manor house and the prehistoric chapel. The holiday park is a family destination which is run and managed by a family business.


Sir Jonathan (1650-1721) was a bishop of Exeter, Bristol and Winchester who was born at Trelawne, his first job in the ministry was the rector of South Hill. Seven other bishops and Trelawny petitioned against Roman Catholic Kind James 2nd's 'Declaration of Indulgence' in 1687 and 1688, which granted religious tolerance to Catholics - and as a result Trelawny was arrested and imprisoned in the Tower of London on charges of seditious libel.

Trelawny was held for three weeks before trial, then he was tried and acquitted. This led to great celebrations across the country and Trelawny was rewarded in 1689 by being appointed Bishop of Exeter and in 1707 he was appointed Bishop of Winchester.

Trelawne Manor gets its name from Cornish 'Trev Elowen' meaning 'farm of the elm tree'. The Domesday Book of 1087 states that Rainald de Vautort held the manor, and the site was later owned by the Cardinans, Chapernouns and Bonvilles. The entrance tower and hall (which were later remodelled) probably date from the1450s for the Bonville family. In 1554 the estate was confiscated from Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk, the father of the 'Nine-days Queen' Lady Jane Grey, and in 1600 Trelawne was sold by Queen Elizabeth I to Sir Jonathan Trelawny, 1st Baronet and High Sheriff of Cornwall and the grandfather of the famous bishop.

Records show there was a fire at Trelawne Manor around 1750 after which Edward Trelawny erected a new southeast wing. The manor hall was remodelled in around 1700, it now incorporates a painted shield above the marble fireplace showing the Trelawny family marriages and the bell clock tower is inscribed '1665 B P J Trelawny' (Bishop Jonathan Trelawny).


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