Purchase Agreement

or any other consumer item. It is not a property transaction. Over its lifetime

therefore its value is also bound to decrease.

The paperwork consists of two parts:

1) Purchase Agreement For the sale there is a Purchase

Agreement, a bit like an invoice.

Once paid for the holiday home will

be owned by you, and you may

remove it or take it elsewhere.

2) Siting Agreement To permit you to site your

holiday home at the park you will

also sign a Siting Agreement,

which will set out the terms by

which you can locate your

holiday home at the park.

There is no ground-rent, lease, tenure or property conveyance therefore.

The annual pitch fee (which is originally set at the alternative value your pitch

would have had to the Company) will be increased, usually by the rate of

inflation, each year. There might be other charges such as rates, insurance and

water etc.

Park facilities are not a condition of the sale, nor can they be guaranteed as they

may be added to, altered or closed at any time.

If any agreements have been reached which you feel are a condition of your

purchase, they must be entered under the 'special arrangements' section of the

Purchase Agreement, or they will otherwise not be recognised as a condition of

the Agreement.

We try to keep everything as simple as possible, but should you have any

queries or doubts, either before or after your purchase, please do ask, and we

hope you have many years of enjoyment from your holiday home.


This Agreement does not permit you to use the holiday home as a permanent

residence. The address you have given must be your main residence to which all

correspondence can be sent. You will be required to provide documentary evidence of

residence at the address given.


1.0 Our Agreement

We are pleased to accept your order as set out above. You are encouraged to take time to read all the details

of this Purchase Agreement and the related Siting Agreement. If you decide not to proceed within a period of 5

days from the date of this order you can cancel by giving us notice in writing without penalty. Where you have

breached the agreement by canceling outside the 5 day cooling off period, we will be entitled to recover our

losses incurred in consequence.

2.0 'Hand-Over'

We will notify you in writing when your holiday home is sited and ready for use. Any date given for the Start

Date is approximate, and we shall not be liable for any delay if this occurs as a result of any cause beyond our

reasonable control.

3.0 Payment

We expect you to pay the balance due within 28 days of informing you that your holiday home is ready for

use, and we reserve the right to charge monthly interest at 4% per annum over the base rate until full payment

has been made.

4.0 Value Added Tax

If the rate of value added tax should change between your order and its completion, the amount

finally charged may be adjusted accordingly

5.0 Arrangements for Insurance

Responsibility for damage or loss of your holiday home passes to you upon payment. You should

therefore make insurance arrangements from that time. Please check your Siting Agreement to

ensure you comply with the insurance requirements or ask us about cover we have available.

6.0 Statutory Rights

Nothing in these conditions reduces your statutory rights relating to faulty or misdescribed goods.

SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS Licence plus 5 years loyalty on annual inspection

There should be two signed copies of this agreement, one for the purchaser and one for the seller

Siting Agreement and Park Rules should be attached

Financing Your Purchase

Status Disclosure

John Fowler Holidays Ltd is a credit intermediary, our licence number is 0419890.

We have introduced you to Blackhorse to finance your purchase.

We are not independant financial advisors and so are unable to provide you with independant

financial advice.

We may receive payment or other incentives from Blackhorse for introducing you to them.