Save our Oceans from Plastic Pollution

The Plastic Problem

Plastic is everywhere. Most of our food and drink are wrapped up in it, its in the clothes we wear, and in the devices we use. And it’s now also in the deepest part of the oceans and in the most remote parts of the world. Plastic has become a really big problem. All of our holiday parks are on the coast and we want to help protect that for generations to come. We've put together a few simple tips you can follow to help us reduce the amount of single use plastic.

1. Bring your own shopping bag

2. Carry a reusable water bottle/coffee cup

3. Avoid plastic cutlery

4. Refuse plastic straws

5. Opt for products in cardboard packaging where possible

6. Pack your sandwiches in tin foil or, better still, bee's wax wraps

7. Take all your rubbish home from the beach

8. If you can't re-use it, recycle your plastic waste

Every small effort helps, so please do your bit to protect our environment from plastic pollution.

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