Caring For The Environment

Here at John Fowler Holidays we are proud to be constantly looking after the environment at our holiday parks from recycling initiatives to wildlife conservation we are always developing our role of how we can positively impact on the environment. View our Environmental Policy here. 

We encourage all of our guests to be green on holiday with some simple tips to help protect the environment when they are staying at our caravan parks. 

We are doing everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint across our holiday parks in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. Click here to view our Green Policy. 

Once our guests arrive on holiday they will receive a welcome leaflet that contains a 'Nature Detective' check list of wildlife around the parks. We encourage our guests to record what they find and once they return home and log the details online at 

We have a wonderful range of flora and fauna that inhabit at our UK holiday sites and we strive to maintain them, so not only we can provide a wonderful holiday location, but also a safe habitation for all of the permanent residents on the park. It is important to encourage children to take care of the environment and we do this through our Foxy Club with nature trails, woodland walks, litter picking and much more. 

Not only are we doing our best to preserve and increase the wild bird population with feeding stations ad nest boxes, our flower planting encourages butterflies and insects which are essential to the ecosystem. We have also taken more action to protect and enhance species and habitats on our caravan parks by creating habitats for local wildlife such as; bird boxes, bat boxes, owl boxes, hedgehog houses, butterfly hotels, bee B&B's, bug hotels and more. 


We are proud to support the Devon & Cornwall Wildlife Trust and winners of 10 David Bellamy Conservation awards, with one bronze, seven silver and two gold awards at all of our parks. Five of our holiday parks have Honeybee Friendly status and six of our parks have been awarded with the David Bellamy Hedgerow Award. 

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