10 Top Tips For Stunning Autumn Photography

Autumn's here and what better time to venture outdoors with your camera than the year's most photogenic season?

Taking your holidays in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset opens you up to diverse scenery and landscapes, which can create the perfect autumn shot.

If, like me, you're planning a photography day out from our Cornwall, Somerset and Devon holiday parks, but you're after a few pointers beforehand, check out my 10 Top Tips here...

10 Top Tips For Autumn Photography | John Fowler Devon Holiday Parks

Image Credit: Darren Flinders Flickr


Blink & Miss It

Although autumn spans three months, there are only a few days when foliage colour peaks, so perhaps my top top tip is not to miss this period!

Generally speaking the last week of October and first week in November are the most colourful, but down here in the south west you can expect this to be two weeks later.


Add Water

Water is a key ingredient in landscape photography – which is just as well, as seemingly there's water in every direction you look here in the south west.

I'm going to talk about the sea and coast a bit later on, so I'll highlight lakes, river and streams here, of which there are plenty around our caravan parks in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

On an early morning stroll you can shoot the mist steaming off the water or vivid overhanging reflections.


Capture Sunrise & Sunset

Great photography depends on good light and this comes at the golden hours just before sunset and just after sunrise.

Although a lot of people dread autumn's shorter days, it's a bonus for us keen photographers as we don't need to deprive ourselves of sleep to catch sunrise and sets.

At this time the light is warm and soft which adds a magical illumination to everything.


Don't Be Put Off By The Weather

Bad weather provides dramatic scenes for photography, like when the sun creeps through a stormy sky and clouds.

It's hard to predict when this might happen, but give yourself a chance of catching it by wrapping up and getting out there ready.


Keep Your Kit Dry

Following on from above, it's incredibly important to keep your equipment dry when you're out braving the elements.

Useful accessories include a large brolly, waterproof camera covers, a lens hood, chamois leathers and reliable waterproof clothing.


110% Effort

What's that old saying, 'the harder you work, the luckier you get'?

When you head out with your camera next, push yourself that little bit harder with 110% effort, for you never know where that perfect landscape shot might be hidden.

Walk a little further, scale that hill you'd normally avoid and take on that distant headland you thought was out of reach.


Chase Clouds

In my opinion clear blue skies can look empty and boring. But chuck some clouds in to the mix and suddenly things change. With intriguing cloud formations, the sky boasts depth and interest.

A great time to chase clouds is just before sunrise or just after sunset, when they're underlit. You'll get some glorious reds and yellows with pink and purples even coming through.


Include Others

Some of the best photographs taken during autumn include others.

Venture outdoors with friends, family and children and capture them playing amongst fallen leaves at this very special time of the year.


Captivating Coasts

Here in the south west we're blessed with a rugged and interesting coast.

Dramatic cliffs and seascapes are captivating at this time of year and teaming them with low sun, clouds, mist and stormy seas is a recipe for exciting photography.


Autumn Wildlife

Autumn is a busy time of the year for lots of animals as they prepare themselves for winter.

I'm sure we've all been left waiting on tenterhooks for wildlife to appear? But if you take the time to study animals' favoured habitats and feeding times, your chances of success will increase greatly.

You won't always have to venture far either – public gardens and parks house a wealth of wildlife.

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