Freddy's excited about ‘hottest summer on record’

It's about time we had some good weather news if you ask me!  All these storms had me thinking I might be stuck inside all summer when we visit John Fowler's caravan holiday parks.

But I couldn't be more excited now it's been reported there's a 75% chance of this summer being the hottest on record ever, due to a rare El Niño pattern.

Fistral Beach | caravan holiday parks

The pattern, which translated in Spanish means “Little Brother”, was given its name by a group of South American fisherman who observed the Pacific Ocean on the equator heating up around Christmas.

German scientists have claimed they can now forecast El Niño patterns up to a year in advance, compared to 6 months previously, and they've used it to correctly predict no patterns in 2012 and 2013.

Instead of looking at water temperature in one specific area of the Pacific, they look at the atmospheric temperatures in all areas of the Pacific and compare back to the temperatures in the El Niño basin.

It's all very scientific, but it's already got me reaching for my factor 30!

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