Pasty partnership spices up Cornish Mining Heritage Site


Holy meatballs! This news has already sent my taste buds into a spiced frenzy!

Pasty Presto, one of Cornwall's World Champion pasty bakers, has partnered up with the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site to put a mouth-watering Mexican spin on the traditional Cornish pasty.

If you've spent time in Cornwall on your weekend breaks UK, you'll know all about the history of the pasty and how the traditional recipe is celebrated in all corners of the county. However the new 'travelling beef empanada' celebrates the pasty's links with mining in Mexico, after Cornishmen emigrated there to work the silver mines in the 19th century.

Empanada | Cornwall Breaks

Five pence from every 'travelling beef empanada' pasty will go back to the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site, under a scheme developed through its Discover the Extraordinary Project.

Cornish Mining World Heritage Site Coordinator, Deborah Boden said: “The travelling pasty is now the eighth partnership product to join our selection.”

“In return, the food and drink partners have committed to donate a percentage of sales from each unit back to the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site to generate a viable income stream which will continue to protect and preserve the historic mining landscape whilst also continuing to tell the stories of our mining heritage.”

The pasty is heavily influenced by the Mexican 'paste' and is similar to a South American 'empanada' – a small snack likened to a pasty, which originated in Portugal before spreading to parts of South America. The empanada is smaller than the Cornish pasty and contains chilli and fresh peppers, cumin, smoked paprika, raisins and tomatoes as well as beef, potatoes and onion.

Owner of Pasty Presto, Steve Grocutt added: “Having opened my first bakery in Mevagissey, selling pasties made by a local butcher's wife, Cornish heritage is extremely important to me, so I am delighted to be able to support it through my business.”

“Our customers have their favourites from our seasonal menu and can see the travelling pasty being a popular choice especially knowing that every one that is consumed will be raising funds to preserve Cornish mining heritage for future generations to enjoy.”

You can say that again, I can wait to get my hands on these during my short UK breaks to Cornwall!

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