VIDEO: Comedian launches Cornish satnav voices

What's up everyone, it's Freddy here!

I've got some wicked news for those who rely on a satnav to get to their holiday lodges in Cornwall...

You can say 'see ya' to those boring satnav voices and get into the holiday spirit on the way to your Cornwall lodges, with a set of new Cornish accents available for download.

Directions include phrases like: “Sharp left - and hold on tight to your pasty my love”, with the voices aiming to make journeys more enjoyable as well as familiarising you with the local lingo!

The voices were created by comedian Colin Leggo, the man behind spoofs 'Grand Theft Cornwall' and 'Planet Cornwall with Sir David Attenborough'.

His latest project, named 'Travel with the Trebilcocks', was produced with Simon Truen and is based around the four members of the Trebilcock family, who star in Leggo's online comedy 'Breaking Bude'.

The four character voices – Frank, his wife Pam, daughter Lucy and son Leonard – give directions like 'exit left my darling' and even bicker amongst each other like a real-life family!

Leggo said: “I know you can download voices like Yoda and Brian Blessed to tell you where to go but I've always fancied the idea of that voice having a comforting homely feel to it.”

“When Simon approached me with the idea of Cornishing up satnav I jumped at the chance. It's been amazing fun testing out the voices and making them work.”

“They'll get you to your destination, just with a lot of Cornish laughs along the way.”

He added: “I've always thought that my satnav was telling me off or was disappointed with my driving. But we've created it so it's fully functioning with a touch of humour - to make those boring drives a little more enjoyable.”

TomTom and Garmin device owners can download each voice for £2.99 or get the whole Trebilcock family for £9.99.

Check out the video here...

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